School library is designed to promote and support the educational goals of the school. The students are encouraged to read good books and newspapers to extend their mental horizon. The library periods have been provided for each class in time-table.


The school has spacious and well-ventilated laboratories for the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Science, Maths & other practical subjects. Equipped with all necessary instruments and accessories, the labs ensure that practical understanding of the subject is comprehensive and complete.


Modern age is the ‘Age of Technology’ and computer education is the basic requirement now a days to get the benefits of technology. The school has a well furnished computer lab and computer is taught as compulsory subject from class 1 to 10th.The students are encouraged opt for computer science in class 11th and 12th as an optional subject.


The school provide the safe and comfortable conveyance for the apple of your eye.


The whole school is divided into four houses named after Shahid Bhagat Singh, Swani Vivekanand, Sant Kabir, & Rabindar Nath Tagore. Every student is attached to one or the other house, which functions under the guidance of one or more teachers to look after various activities of the students. Inter – house competitions are organized all round the year and the ‘Best House Award’ is presented to the house, the students of which tops in curricular as well as Co-curricular activities. Every house by rotation is given the responsibility of maintaining discipline and decorum in the school, to inculcate the qualities of leadership and social &moral values in the students.


The school celebrates its annual festival of sports in the second week of November every year. Sports and games are encouraged in the school not with a view to promote competition but to look high beyond competition and participants in the events, in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.